elite athletes.

Elite Athletes

For our elite athletes, Professional customizes individual performance enhancement programs that are both sport- and position-specific. Our comprehensive plan will incorporate injury prevention strategies, fine-tune movement patterns for increased efficiency, and address specific concerns determined by a thorough initial assessment.

Our coaches strategically develop a customized program based on each athlete’s real-time demands. Whether the priority is recovery and return-to-play after an injury, preparation for a tryout or combine, or taking off-season training to the next level, we are here to give our athletes the tools they need to optimize their output and exceed even their highest expectations. Utilization of our scientifically proven training techniques paired with the skill mastery of our elite athletes ensure that they leave our facility faster, stronger, and more explosive than when they walked through our doors!

MLB Winter Training

Years ago, Spring Training was all that was needed to prepare an elite baseball player for the upcoming season. But in today’s game, each day off the field needs to be spent in pursuit of a spot in the starting lineup.

At our Athletic Performance Center, we provide our baseball athletes with top-level training to ensure that they return to the field with more Strength, Speed, Agility, and Accuracy than before. Each Baseball Athlete who trains with us begins his program with a Full Body Assessment, which will provide us with the information to design an individualized, progressive program designed in preparation for spring training and the upcoming season. This customized program will include an individualized Strength Training protocol and a Speed and Agility program.

NFL Combine Training

If you are looking to train at a level that will produce unprecedented results on Combine Day, look no further. Our NFL Combine Training program not only works on improving overall Strength, Speed, and Agility, we also provide a disciplined and regimented approach with the ultimate goal of peak performance on Combine Day and beyond. We focus on fine-tuning technique and movement patterns during specific combine tests to achieve the best possible testing score at Combine and Pro Day. We also work with our athletes on individual imbalances and deficits to improve overall athleticism and decrease risk of injury.

Specific focuses of our Combine Training include:

  • 10 & 40 yard dash (Laser Timed)
  • Vertical Jump
  • Pro Agility (5-10-5 Shuttle)
  • L-Drill (3 Cone Drill)
  • Bench Press

Over the years, the PAPC has been the home base for dozens of elite and professional athletes. We’re proud of our Hall of Fame’rs.

When you come into the Performance Center, you will see dozens of jerseys hanging on our walls from past elite and professional athletes and the schools and universities they have gone on to represent.